This September, the Fritzi is glad to welcome to the space local artists Josée Prud'homme and Joejene Santos. They are artists that have a great passion for what they do and what they create.  Both working with abstract forms, their works are landscapes of shape, movement and textures. Exploring themes from Emil Sher's The Boy in the Moon, the artwork asks the viewer to look for deeper meanings, for layers, new interpretations and new truths.

For this reason, I have titled this exhibition Transcendence, which in definition is the act of rising above something to a superior state.  Transcendence comes from the Latin prefix trans-, meaning "beyond," and the word scandare, meaning "to climb." When you achieve Transcendence, you have gone beyond ordinary limitations; a condition of moving beyond physical needs and realities.


Both Prud’homme and Santos are interested in the relationship viewers have to art when experiencing abstract forms. There is the “want” to see recognizable forms or subjects in abstract art work that can lead to a rather reciprocal relationship where one is in constant dialogue with the piece, trying to understand why it looks and feels the way it does. This rise above what is actually visible is one of the reasons I love abstract artwork; the works tell a never-ending story.

Joejene is an emerging artist working and living in Ottawa. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from the Philippine Women’s University and has worked in the arts as an instructor, graphic artists, illustrator and theme park designer in the Philippines and the Middle East before coming to Canada in 2006.


“My works have evolved from realism to non-figurative form or abstract. I see this shift as a creative challenge in the discovery of one’s creative expression or creative Identity.
The creative process of painting intuitively and trusting our inner self is a liberating experience in achieving creative freedom and knowing who we are. By surrendering to the process of art making I let go of my preconceived thoughts, allowing layers of images and paints to emerge and to evolve...into its purest expression.”- Joejene Santos


Josée Prud'homme, a visual artist from Gatineau, was also a professor of philosophy for over 20 years. She is self-taught and has many years experience as a curator, gallery owner and is dedicated to promoting the arts. She is an active member of the Outaouais’ artistic community, and is respected for her contributions to the arts.

“I use materials I find readily at hand, such as concrete, plaster, paper, fibres and odds and ends to make abstract tableaux where the dominant elements are texture and movement. I sculpt fictive lands onto canvas to highlight traces, configurations of movements and arrangements of objects that may appear to the viewer as possibly meaningful, but that elude us through their ambiguity and insignificance.
Opaque, uncertain and open, these constituents lend themselves to various free interpretations limited only by our adventurousness. My aim is to set on canvas the first moves of a game whose only intention is what I call poetry.”- Josée Prud’homme


The exhibition will run until October 12, 2014. Hope you can make it!