Erasing the lines between imagination and reality Illustrated @ the Fritzi Gallery |

Erasing the lines between imagination and reality Illustrated @ the Fritzi Gallery

Illustration has always been one of my favourite genres of art! It is the primary basis and the starting point for most if not all artwork in any different mediums. An illustration depicts something seen, remembered or imagined through a drawing, sketch, painting, photograph, or other graphical representation. The word illustrate comes from the Latin illustro, “to enlighten.” There are many ways to illustrate a story.


Beautifully assembled, the works in this exhibition attract close attention. Ottawa-based artists Maya Hum and Clare Brebner use illustration to recall moments, memories and experiences. Whimsical yet detailed, their illustrations integrate ink, watercolour, acrylic paint, printmaking and photographic methods. The works in this exhibition reveal the search for balance between reality and imagination.


Hums' pencil and charcoal drawings are inspired by the untold or neglected narratives she's experienced, shared, or heard from those around her. She creates works that bring you back to a cherished memory or inspire you to make a new one. Originally from the Maritimes, Hum moved to Ottawa to complete her studies in Music and Sonic Design from Carleton University. Following her undergrad she found that she kept adding visual elements to her music and decided to make the leap into the fine art world.  She enrolled herself into the Ottawa School of Art where she received the Robert Hyndman Painting & Drawing Scholarship. She is an independent artist, graphic designer, and arts educator.


Brebner's mixed media drawings and works emphasize bold contours and shading to blend the familiar and representational with the unusual and abstract. As in dreams, familiar objects and people act as anchors in strange and imaginary settings that can easily change and morph. Brebner received her BFA from the University of Ottawa with a focus in photography and video, and has shown work in Canada and the United States. Brebner is also an art instructor, providing both classes and individual tutoring.


The use of line and space are a central focus in Maya Hum’s and Clare Brebner’s works, where imaginative stories, lost narratives and detailed execution provide a fresh look at Illustration in Ottawa!


This exhibition will run until the 18th of January 2015. I hope you get a chance to check it out! And if you do send me any comments or questions, I’d love to hear from you!