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Volunteers 2013 & Subscription early bird

The GCTC Box Office has been mighty busy this week with our favourite crew – our volunteers! This week marked the first of our Volunteer Orientation and Training Sessions. We begin these with sessions designed for our returning volunteers, where they get the chance to review our procedures and learn about all the new additions to our upcoming season. We also get the chance to have a chat with them about last season, and through this we’ve received lots of really great feedback. The 2012-2013 is looking great, with a fabulous team of volunteers eager to begin their duties! Our volunteers are the BEST and having them with us in the building again makes the return of our season programming even more anticipated!
We’re also really looking forward to meeting our new volunteers at the end of the summer. We’re recruiting many new faces to the team and we’re excited to offer a whole new group all of the benefits that our volunteer program has to offer. Our volunteers handle so much during show nights, from tearing tickets to being on-hand in case of an emergency and we are so lucky to have them with us.

On July 29th, GCTC's early bird deadline for subscriptions will pass, hurry in to take advantage of special pricing offers and reserve your seat ahead of the crowd. Single tickets go on sale August 1.