the 6th and final show... |

the 6th and final show...

So…the Lawyer Play has wrapped for another year and subscriptions are selling very, very well. It is now time to shift focus on to our next show, Circle Mirror Transformation; the sixth and final show in a strong 2011-2012 season.  The cast, crew, and staff of GCTC assembled Tuesday May 1st for the first script read. To help the actors prepare for their roles as amateur community theatre performers director Lise Ann Johnson lead all GCTC staff through various theatre exercises and performance games; common in theatre school but completely out of the ordinary/comfort zone of most GCTC staff.
I must say, based on our interactions with one another the actors of Circle Mirror Transformation should have had no trouble gathering helpful tips on how people awkwardly behave in a strange setting when instructed to act “big” or feel “heavy”.
With the summer approaching and the GCTC mainstage productions wrapped after C.M.T, several interesting rental companies will occupy our space. This includes what should be a phenomenal performance of The Rocky Horror Show, performing June 14-17. This is a show unlike any other. Dressing up in costumes, feather boas and audience participation is not only acceptable but encouraged! All ticket sales go to benefit children’s and family charities throughout Ottawa. Tickets are on sale now through GCTC.