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We Didn't Miss the Bus

On Thursday November 29th bus number 5931 was parked in front of the Irving Greenberg Theatre Centre not such an unusual site you say. Well, this vintage 1959 GM coach with the original green, red and beige paint, its single row seats and its manual sign changer is anything but usual. It was definitely a huge hit at opening night of the play now running at the GCTC called The Number 14.

Axis Theatre has been touring this amazing show about all the crazy characters you can see on a bus and in this case on the Number 14 bus. Attending the show were a number VIP’s including councillor Diane Deans, Head of the Transit Commission, John Manconi the new General Manager of OC Transpo and councillor Kathryn Hobbs.

GCTC has partnered with OC Transpo to encourage theatre goers to come by bus and bus riders to come to the theatre. You will see Their Seat to Our Seats ads in show programs here at GCTC and on OC Transpo buses. The Number 14 is getting rave reviews and tickets are going quickly. If you haven’t seen this physical comedy you really will “miss the bus” If you have kids and you want to see The Number 14, on Sunday Dec 9th GCTC is hosting Family On The 14. Bring a toy for Toy Mountain, see the matinee and get a proffessional family portrait taken between 12 and show time at 2 pm. Call the box office for special family pricing. Don’t Miss The Bus!