Theatre with Pride ..Lots of Pride |

Theatre with Pride ..Lots of Pride

Sunday was the annual National Capital Pride parade, the end of a week of celebrations of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans communities. As outreach manager here at GCTC  this is an event that I would not miss, with an estimated 30,000 people not only watching the parade but later gathering at Festival Plaza to get information on goods and services available to the “queer” community and of course theatre is a big part of that. When I decided that we would focus on one of the plays we are doing this season called The Number 14, about folks who ride the #14 bus, it made perfect sense to rent a double decker bus to be in the parade. As soon as I mentioned that Pride was coming and before I could even ask, the staff jumped on board, wanting to help and be part of the work and the celebration. It was a hot, hot day and for some of them they had never even seen a pride event, let alone been riding in a Pride Parade dancing and throwing swag to the crowd. After the parade we arrived at the site  and they quickly dismantled the bus and set up an information booth and stayed all afternoon talking and giving out GCTC information.

Now to the message! I am always proud to be part of this amazing group of people who work at GCTC: they are smart, capable, dedicated and fun. Once again this year I am exceptionally PROUD of them for being so open and accepting of people, in this case queer people, people in strange costumes, amazing drag queens, leather and SM groups and youth, all kinds of people you only see at a Pride event.
They approached the day with enthusiasm and excitement and never a hint of judgment or condescension. They danced, they worked, they mingled and they had a great time doing it. Queer people have come a long way with hard work, perseverance and allies like my co-workers.
Way to go team you are the best.