Reaching Out to Welcome You In |

Reaching Out to Welcome You In

Hi folks! If you asked me a year ago or even a week ago if I would ever blog I would have laughed and said "are you well?"  Now that we have just announced the line-up for our 2012-2013 season I have to tell everyone how excited we are with it and that means...blogging.

My job here at GCTC is Community Outreach which really means bringing individuals and groups into the theatre for events, activities and fundraisers making them feel comfortable and excited with the Irving Greenberg Theatre Centre as a destination. After all we are dead centre in the newest and hippest (do people say hippest anymore?) neighbourhood in the city with great restaurants, cool shops and (of course) GCTC. If you have a birthday, anniversary, wedding or corporate event come ; if you belong to a group who wants to reward your clients or staff with a night out come here; if you belong to a group of nude volleyball players don't come here.

Even though the season does not officially start until September my imagination is on overload planning special events and collaborations around the plays. Although I cannot give you details until they are firmer just let me say that there will be competitions, challenges, photo booths and surprises for all ages. 

GCTC will also be present at a number of events planned for the summer like Tulip Festival in Parkdale Park, Capital Pride and Cultures Days. Hope to see you there!  

It looks like I will have to blog again because the anticipation will be too great.