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If a flotilla happens in the dark....did it really happen?

On the extremely hot long weekend, GCTC had decided that they wanted to participate in the Rideau Canal Festival and have a boat in the Flotilla of Lights on Saturday Night and the Sunday Floatilla, the main event. New banners were created and printed, decorations decided on and purchased, and now the challenge of not only finding a boat but a captain to drive it. We were lucky enough to meet Bill Joliffe, a GCTC member with his wife and the owner of the “Unbelievable” who agreed to represent GCTC. The Saturday arrives and the temperature is 40 degrees, there has been not rain for 40 days and 40 nights and we are decorating the boat with banners and lights for the evening floatilla. The guests arrive, the boat is lit and a great time was had by all. Fast forward to the Sunday, main event. The expensive decorations are in the car, the drinks and food for our donor guests are purchased, volunteers on hand to decorate and the sky opens and winds of apocalyptic proportion kick in. I watch as my newly minted banners are thrashing on the boat deck and word comes down that the Floatilla is CANCELLED. Soaked and disappointed this is all we have to remember from the Flaotilla that never was.