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Everything is Better With Sprinkles

On Saturday Nov 17th the Great Canadian Theatre Company was buzzing with the sounds of excited Holiday shoppers, and friendly helpful artisans. More than 600 shoppers and those being dragged around by shoppers, came through the doors to view the amazing work of some 32 crafters. Vendors where set up in the upper and lower lobbies as well as the studio. Everything from specialty soaps and pashmina's to wooden growth charts and jewellery was available. If you needed a gift for someone it was here. With the help of Krista and Robin from Urban Craft the best of the craft scene here in Ottawa set up at the Irving Greenberg Theatre Centre as part of our continuing community outreach effort. We were extremely grateful to have Urban Craft, who hosts a similar craft show at GCTC the first Saturday of every month taking care of the vendors for us. Who doesn’t like to unwrap a handmade gift knowing, that not only did the gift giver take the time to look for something just right but that someone with talent and passion made it. You will not walk down the street and see someone with the same scarf or earrings or tie, it is a one of a kind, just like you. Although the crafts where amazing and the shopping satisfying the best part of the whole day for me was the hot chocolate bar. For a small donation to the Ottawa Mission, you could take your cup of hot chocolate and add marshmallows, chocolate chips, peppermint hearts, skor crumbles, cinnamon and yes the ever popular Sprinkles. There is nothing like the look of a hot chocolate moustache with sprinkles on a little kids face. I think that is there reward for being bundled up, put in a stroller or walked to a craft fairs only to then be hot and crowded while mom and dad shop. They earn that treat and we loved giving it to them because we all know everything is better with sprinkles.