Chase You Here! |

Chase You Here!

Sometimes an event happens that is just as much fun for those who work it, as those who participate. Last weekend GCTC was one of the chase points for Mitsubishi City Chase. If you don’t know what City Chase is, picture this, the Amazing Race but in your own city. There were 550 teams of two from all over the city and country. They converged on City hall at 9 am on Saturday July 21st and get ready for a physically and mentally challenging day with a mass aerobics class, this is where I would sit right down and call it a day, oh no off they go as fast as they can to hit 10 of a possible 35 chase points in 4 zones by 4 pm, call me a cab. The rules are no bicycles, roller blades, skate boards, scooters or motor vehicles of any description. You must either run, seriously I said run, or take the bus, I could do that. Not only do you have to navigate the city but you don’t have addresses or names but you do have clues. Here was the clue for GCTC chase point #10. “mix Sinatra with a clover and what do you get? Come to the GCTC and find out”. Ok not a very good clue but putting the name in gets the results we wanted.
When you arrive at a chase point by design or by following others who are a s slow as you, my chosen method, and you can latch on to another group any time you wish there is a challenge, I though just getting there was the challenge. The challenges relate to the location in some way for example rock wall climbing at Vertical Limit, paddling at Dows Lake so of course there was acting at the Great Canadian Theatre Company.
Chasers can through the lobby to the main stage with theatrical lights and put on costumes which included sponge rollers and aprons, they were asked to audition for Fly Me to the Moon, an Irish comedy which will be performed here from Oct 30 to Nov 18th. They must read the scene being as dramatic as possible but more importantly they must use their best Irish accent. You could not believe how many accents people can do that are no way near Irish. Spanish, East Indian, French and the default accent seems to be the American South, too much TV I think.
In all more the 500 people crucified that play and laughed their ass off doing it. They were teased by the scene and we hope are curious enough about the ending to come see it. Those of us who were here had a great time and will do it again next year. I know when I see Fly Me to the Moon and that scene comes up I’ll smile.