The winners of the playwriting contest |

The winners of the playwriting contest

The 40th Anniversary Playwriting contest is now closed and we are pleased to announce the winners. We received many exciting submissions and were wowed by the diverse ways these new voices interpreted the lines of inspiration, drawn from GCTC's history of past productions. Artists and educators Mary Ellis, Laurie Koensgen, and Kristina Watt and I pored over the short plays and had a lively debate about each of their merits. Three writers greatly struck us with their creativity  – their plays displayed an inventiveness in their concept, a clarity in their voice, and a relevance in their subject matter that moved us and left us wanting more.


Introducing the winners of the GCTC's 40th Anniversary Playwriting Contest in their own words:



From an early age, Rowan O’Brien has loved writing about the worlds that dwell in her overactive imagination. One of these worlds was brought to life last year when her play was performed at her high school’s Arts Fest. She is presently enrolled in a literary arts program and plans to pursue screenwriting and playwriting as a career.



Isabel Remus is a theatre educator and the mother of four lovely children. Over the past twenty-two years, she has worked with Salamander Theatre, OYP, OSSD, the OCDSB and now WeAct. Isabel believes that laughter and story heal the spirit and give life meaning. She also works earnestly at not taking herself so seriously.



James Gilchrist is currently a student at Algonquin college. In the future he hopes to write and produce works for theatre, television and film. He enjoys writing about many things except himself. For more personal information, write to his mother. He's also excellent company over a cup of tea.


As part of the contest, the winners were invited to participate in a gathering of GCTC's Playwrights Unit. It was a great opportunity for these emerging artists to share their work and ideas with a circle of established playwrights and learn some tools they could apply to their own process. They provided insightful feedback as part of a critical response process to a Unit member's new work and were a pleasure to have in the room.


GCTC's 40th Anniversary has been a unique opportunity to look back and celebrate the artists, supporters and achievements that have contributed to this company's great history. As we look ahead to the future, I invite you to visit our contest page to share in the voices of new writers and experience these new works first hand: