Family |


I am the new girl on the block. Funny thing that. It can be exciting, scary, challenging, fun. I count myself lucky to experience all these as a new member to the GCTC family. And I do mean family. This is an organization that has welcomed me warmly with open arms, laughter and friendship. Everyone who I have met from the Box Office to the Board has presented themselves as a tight knit family of the theatre. A family that cares for one another, looks out for each other and shares both the ups and downs that close proximity brings in spades. In the 16 days plus that I have worked here, the heart and soul of this GCTC family was fully tested this week with the sudden passing of one of its most beloved members by all accounts. Marc Desormeaux was not only an extraordinary artist and professional in his theatrical and musical career, but he was an extraordinary human being as well. Someone close to me had the pleasure of working with Marc here in Ottawa a few years ago and he spoke of the experience as a joy and an honour, in particular, sharing late night Green Room discussions on all kinds of topics. I never got to meet Marc myself, but the stories I have heard and the emotional outpouring from his theatre colleagues here at GCTC has painted a vivid and loving portrait of this exceptional man. I feel as if I know him. This family has banded together in mutual grief, support, tears and laughter. It’s been a tough couple of days, but through it all they have shown a caring and yes, love for one another that will pull them through. They are the epitome of the word, family. I have been lucky enough to have been invited into this wonderful group, and I feel privileged for the opportunity to work here along side such generous colleagues. I think a little bit of Marc lives in each of them here, in the theatre, which he loved so much. This is family.