Lawyer Play Success!! |

Lawyer Play Success!!

With the much anticipated launch of the Lawyer Play 2012, let me tell you it was worth the wait!  Months of late night rehearsals paid off as the lawyers took the stage for the production of His Girl Friday.  Standing ovation roars were heard throughout the building as each show ended with a bang and opened the crowd to a celebratory gala like no other.  

It was a great combination of people and partners that gave the gala all its “oomph”.  Colourful but soft lighting gave a warm glow to the lobbies of GCTC thanks to Advantage Audio Visual

Each colour reflected beautifully off the silver linen donated by Groovy Linen.  Advantage and Groovy were truly generous in their donations to this event.   When the food came out on night one it was a masterpiece.  Scrumptious Catering really wowed the crowd with their artistic displays of unique food inspired by the African theme of our charity partner the Lawyers Zambia School Project.

Night two A Culinary Conspiracy was the temptation of the evening and although well past dinner time, guests enjoyed and savored the delicious snacks.   The last night Grounded Catering put the emphasis on why they were there.  Happy staff that volunteered their time and owner Amir who brought his young daughter and wife to help set up.  It’s for charity he said and he is happy to help such a great cause.  With plenty of mouth-watering food to go around the guests and cast celebrated until the wee hours of the morning.  All in all the event was a success and reminds me of how when great people come together for a great cause something AMAZING will happen!