An awesome send off to the season!! |

An awesome send off to the season!!

The play, the people and the party, it was an awesome night for all at the opening night of Circle Mirror Transformation last night.   With the set of Circle being a backdrop of a simple community centre it only seemed fitting to bring the theme into the lobbies.  Where would you eat if you were at a community centre?  Well at the snack bar of course!  Shirley’s Community Centre Snack Bar was fun, funny and yes  most certainly tacky! 

The crowd came out smiling and ready to have  fun when they were greeted by GCTC’s own Snack Bar staff who dolled themselves up in flowered aprons and paper hats to play up the part to the max. 

There were flowered plastic table cloths, a popcorn and hotdog machine, yummy brownies and yes no snack bar would be complete without those little sugar coated donuts!  The laughter continued as guests had their chance to try their hand at the good old Hula hoop!  Something most have not done since elementary school they found themselves being cheered on by friends and strangers alike as they hooped and swung their hips to the cheering crowd!

All in all, I can safely say this was one of my favorite opening nights!  Thanks for all the fun and see you next season!