Downtime? What downtime?! |

Downtime? What downtime?!

Well, here we are once again, coming to the end of another season. Our last show The Public Servant is in full rehearsals and we’re just a week away from opening. Sales are going extremely well, which reminds me, if you haven’t purchased your tickets yet, you better do it fast.


This time of the year always brings the following question from people who do not work in this industry, “You must be so happy that things are winding down for the summer and that you will be able to enjoy the downtime.” The truth is there is never a downtime. Being the director of marketing and development for a theatre means there is always a campaign starting or ending, events on the horizon and a lot of collaboration to make it all happen.


At the same time the old season is winding down, we are gearing up for the next. So far this spring, we have launched a very successful subscription renewal campaign for 2015-16 and we are busy putting the final touches on the marketing plan for the prospecting and telemarketing portions of the campaign which will launch this fall. On the fundraising side, we have sent out renewals for sponsorships for next season and we are working on new prospects. There is a long list of grants and funding proposals to finish before September and we wrapped-up a very successful Lawyer Play.


It may sound to some like a never ending cycle that is repetitive and tedious, but for me it is just the opposite. It is a time filled with opportunities. The beginning of a new season challenges us to make improvements, play with new ideas and work on new collaborations. Most of all, it is a time to celebrate a job well done by all the individuals who make it happen.


Thank you to all my colleagues at GCTC for making 2014-15 an incredible season of theatre!