My Brother Was an Only Child |

My Brother Was an Only Child

It has been a month since I started at GCTC as the new Managing Director and I have to first start off by acknowledging the very warm and supportive welcome I have received from everyone. It has been wonderful meeting so many new faces. It has also been very rewarding reconnecting with names and friends from a past and a time when GCTC was playing an integral role for me as an emerging theatre artist and practitioner in the early 1980s.

I remember quite fondly writing and producing a show along with Barry Caplan (at the time he ran the GCTC Box Office) that we wanted to put on at the GCTC called My Brother Was an Only Child. It was a two dimensional story about family and I remember thinking how clever I thought I was. So, somehow we convinced the General Manager to let us perform on the stage late at night after their regularly scheduled season production. It didn't matter that the set on the stage didn't match the setting for our show. We were pleased just to have our creation on the stage. And here's the thing: they had no reason to trust us with their stage; they had no reason to think that we would be successful; they had no reason to say yes. But they did. And that is what I remember most fondly of those times at the GCTC: opportunity, trust and the word yes.

It has been many years since that time and I only somewhat remember that person I was then though I know he plays an important role in who I am today. I look forward now as the Managing Director being able to create opportunity, earning your trust and saying yes to some wonderful and unknown things yet to come.

See you at the theatre.