Is that another extension or are you just happy to see me? |

Is that another extension or are you just happy to see me?

You may have noticed by now that we are excited with the news that we will be extending the production of Janet Wilson Meets the Queen, by the very talented playwright Beverly Cooper until May 8, 2016.


A lot goes in to determining whether or not to extend a theatrical production. Certainly ticket sales have a play in that decision but we take much more into consideration. For instance, does the content seem to be capturing the attention of our usual audiences as in Jake’s Gift? Does it seem to be capturing the attention of new audiences as Butcher and the sold out production of The Public Servant did last year? Do we have a sense that people are talking about the show? Is it being mentioned or shared in social media? Is the weather going to cooperate? Does the production have a high weekly running cost? Do we simply feel that it is an important show for people to see? And of course, Eric and Hugh have been known to take advice from their mothers. Or sometimes, and this is the one that has no possible measure, we just have a gut feeling about a particular show. Consistently, and strangely, that point is the most accurate and is the one that drives people who rely on measurable parameters a little crazy.


With Janet Wilson Meets the Queen the decision was based on a combination of the above factors. We noticed early on, as we did with Butcher, that there seemed to be great interest in this production – consistently Janet Wilson Meets the Queen has been selling tickets throughout the season, well in advance of its run.  Also, we have a gut feeling about this one and its great story.


Hope to see you here the extended run from April 19 to May 8 for our latest premiere, Janet Wilson Meets the Queen.