The Hive's new sponsor 'The Bowl', |

The Hive's new sponsor 'The Bowl',

The Bowl is our newest neighbour! Many of us in the office at GCTC headquarters are obsessed. On any given work day if someone walks in with The Bowl's signature dish, you can overhear any one of us cooing "ooooo is that a The Bowl, bowl?" Then throughout the day you will see a couple more of the same dish pop up on GCTC desks throughout the office.


The Bowl is spearheaded by two brilliant, kind, and intelligent entrepreneurs, Amy Munro and Kristy Gaetz; two smart ladies with one delicious recipe.  The Bowl is the newest restaurant in Wellington West just a stone's throw from GCTC on Holland Avenue. We are proud to announce that they are our community partner for The Hive. The Hive is our youth program aimed at introducing high school students from every background to the inner workings of GCTC and Ottawa's theatre community. Hive participants get to work with seasoned professionals from Ottawa's theatre community to get a glimpse into the many different disciplines and fields there are in the theatre. Thanks to Amy and Kristy at The Bowl, our workshop participants are treated to a nutritious, filling, and tasty dinner that leaves them fueled and ready to tackle a night of theatre.


This is an environmentally minded veg-forward restaurant with a heart of gold. The Bowl also offers catering and vegan options, so everyone can enjoy their 'one tasty dish'.  We are so pleased to have them as our newest community partner. Thanks Kristy and Amy and everyone who supports the Hive!