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What's biking got to do with theatre anyway

This June 5th, the GCTC will be hosting its annual fundraising Bike-A-Thon, and we are currently on the look out for supporters and cyclists.


I had the pleasure of participating in the inaugural event three years ago, which brought together artists, board members and friends of the GCTC who are as enthused about cycling as they are about live performance. As a participating cyclist it was really easy to get involved – I just signed up, cajoled a few friends and family to throw some money towards supporting the theatre, and then showed up on the day to a planned out route, and more snacks then I would ever need. Given that my three favorite things are theatre, biking and snacks, it felt like my kind of event.


But, you may ask, what does biking have to do with theatre?

I think it is about community hang-outs.


The GCTC has a long history of presenting thought-provoking theatre and providing a gathering place to meet and talk about those thoughts. It’s a lot of being together – in the rehearsal room, during the performance and afterwards in the bar.

The “being together” in a shared space is why I love both theatre and biking. Both offer a chance to have an experience that is simultaneously personal and shared. I re-live the image of that flock of birds by the river by describing it to a fellow cyclist, in the same way I re-live the moment in Matchstick where everyone gasps at the same time, by describing it to a fellow audience member.  


This year, I am looking forward to working with the artists' committee organizing the event, and I can promise it will offer the opportunity to hang out with people who share a love of theatre and chatting about ideas – with the bonus of free bike tune-ups and delicious eats. What are you waiting for? Join our cycle team today!