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World Theatre Day

March 27 is World Theatre Day! I know that most of you are already well aware of this and you're probably taking time off from the celebration just to read this post, but just in case you didn't have it on your calendar, here's a link to the World Theatre Day Message:
This year's message was composed by South African theatre artist Brett Bailey. The video link shows some startling images of his work as a stark reminder of the luxury of Canadian theatre performance. His central message - that wherever humans gather, they will create performance - is a truth that has endured for centuries and will continue to do so. His message is also a reminder that performance is our favoured agent of change. When we are oppressed, we demonstrate it through performance. When we are victorious, we celebrate through performance. When we are simply reflecting on our culture, past, present and future, we perform it. I am proud to be a theatre artist. I am proud to associate and collaborate with artists who are dedicated to the examination of humanity, day in and day out. Very few of us live extravagant lifestyles - in fact, most of us struggle to make ends meet working in this form. Theatre is a tough business and it requires ingenuity and determination to thrive. And it requires an audience. Thank you to the hundreds of people who come to our theatre night after night, willing to engage in the dialogue of art and society. Speaking of hundreds of people coming to the theatre...thank you to the legion of Mary Walsh fans who bought every single ticket to her tour de force, Dancing With Rage, before it even opened. It's a rare joy for any theatre to achieve that kind of success and I'm thrilled that we are able to celebrate World Theatre Day with a packed house.