Next Tuesday March 8th we're teaming up with the GCTC for a one-night beer-food-theatrical funtacular. To butcher an old phrase (see what I did there?), we believe artists feed cities. And so we're teaming up with a great restaurant and one of the most important theatre venues in the National Capital to feed theatre-goers for one great night.


We love Ottawa's theatre scene and it turns out theatre-goers love good beer.


Since our launch in 2014, Dominion City has partnered with indie theatre festivals like the Ottawa Fringe, undercurrents and Fresh Meat, as well as supported a number of smaller companies like Third Wall, Ottawa Stilt Union and Odyssey. We love teaming up in whatever way we can to support showcasing the best local actors and theatre producers have to offer.


Teaming up with creative people doing exciting things in our city is a core part of what we wanted to do with Dominion City from the start. Anyone who's been paying attention to what's happening in Ottawa's arts and culture scene over the last decade knows it's tracked the rise of outstanding food and drink. There's a kind of symbiotic relationship between the two and we love being part of what brings them together.


OFF-CUTS is really a beautiful accident. The GCTC just happened to have a ready-made kitchen and restaurant space which was going unused. Teaming up with our friends from town who run one of the most delicious kitchens in town for a beer dinner at a critically-acclaimed show called Butcher just seemed like a natural fit. The coolest part is that this event has been driven almost entirely by the back-kitchen and brewery staff. Our assistant brewer, Scott Denyer, led the concept and ran wild with small batch beers you've never seen from us before and that you won't find anywhere else. Equally, it's the town kitchen staff who were given licence to develop the menu. So in that sense it's truly a delicious off-cut dinner, in many ways better than the regular old steak.


You won't want to miss out on the best gastro-zymurgical-theatrical night out.


Tickets available here.