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8th Day Band rocks Ottawa

Hello to everyone!  I am the co-director of Friendship Circle, an organization that is dedicated to matching teenage volunteers with families who have a child with special needs.

Guess what?  We are having a concert on Monday, December 17 at GCTC at 7 pm.  This is a Gala Benefit Concert with the famous 8th Day Band.

You can check them out on YouTube.  Because they are so famous and play amazing music they have close to 2,000,000 hits on YouTube.

Located in Los Angeles, they play original and creative music, utilizing sayings and themes from the Jewish heritage.

8th Day Band has a fresh and irresistible style.  Formed by brothers Shmuel and Benzi Marcus in 2004, they now travel the world giving concerts everywhere!...including little ole Ottawa.

The brothers compose, play and sing original music with engaging lyrics and addictive hooks.  This unique Jewish music group brings diverse styles together in a seamless blend of folk, rock, blues...---even a little country western!

Sara Loewenthal, who recently moved back to Ottawa, commented, " I attended an 8th Day Concert in New York that was sold-out
and am extremely excited that such a world- renowned band will be in Ottawa".

The proceeds of this concert go to support the non-profit Friendship Circle, an organization dedicated to children with special needs.

For tickets please call GCTC  613. 236.  5196  or go on line www.gctc.ca   or for more information www.jewishyouthlibrary.com


Review from 2011

by Elianna Saidenberg

It was the worst weather yet, with freezing rain and icy sidewalks.  Though it was treacherous to drive or even walk, the hall at the Irving Greenberg Theatre Centre was full, December 21, for the 8th Day Band Concert.

Until the concert, all I knew about the 8th Day Band ws that they sing Chassidic rock music and have a very successful YouTube
video of their song, "Ya'alili'.  After attending their concert, I also know that they totally rock!

They brought the house down.  Everyone..and I mean everyone..who was there, from babies to bubbies, was clapping, singing and even dancing in their seats.  After the show, many, including me, said it was hard to restrain ourselves from jumping on stage to dance!

Brothers Shmuel and Bentzi Marcus, from Southern California, lead the 8th Day Band.  Between songs, they described their influences, including their Zayde, Men Without Hats, and an extremely short rabbi from Brooklyn --- as well as their evolution as musicians.

Their songs included a country western number, a reggae song and some serious rock and roll---some of it iin Yiddish.  This sort of diversity contributes to their appeal, as does their incredible energy, positive attitude and message.

Both brothers exude joy while performing, dancing and smiling as they sing and play electric guitar.  They advised audience members of the words of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, " Think good and it will be good," and also asked everyone to think positive thoughts during a meditative drum solo.

I can tell you one of my positive thoughts during the drum solo was that 8th Day Band drummer Rosy Rosenquist can really kick it!

Other backup was provided by Sol Gunner and three other local musiciains who were also really tight.

Adding to the positive vibe of the evening was the knowledge that, while we in attendance were enjoying the great music, we were also supporting a great cause; the Friendship Circle, a Jewish Youth Library Program dedicated to helping families with children with special needs.

Visit www.jewishyouthlibrary.com  for more information about Friendship Circle or other Jewish Youth Library programs.