Working at GCTC and the long neck Brontosaurus |

Working at GCTC and the long neck Brontosaurus

I have never written a blog, so I don’t really know how to start one, but here goes.
I am currently working on Circle Mirror Transformation at the GCTC. We have our very first preview tonight and had our very first audience on Sunday for our invited dress. It’s been a long and exciting week of tech and final touches. Now we get to play with the audience, which, for me, is the best part.
Not only is it exciting for me to be working on this show but it is particularly meaningful to me that I get work at the GCTC. I grew up in this theatre. Visiting Paul [Rainville, Catherine's father] at 910 Gladstone during rehearsals, seeing shows, getting to walk up on stage and see all the magic and tricks that are used. My brother and I even have a seat with our name on it! One of my favorite memories is getting to touch Emily Brontosaurus (the giant puppet in the production handled by Kate Hurman) after seeing the show. The long neck Brontosaurus became my favorite dinosaur after that. I also started learning how to act from the people I watched and became familiar with. I have the pleasure of working with John Koensgen and Mary Ellis who I have known all my life and seen on stage countless times. I will never forgot them in Goodnight Desdemona (Good morning Juliet ) ; it became one of my favorite plays.
I then graduated from Canterbury High School and got a job working at the GCTC box office. It quickly went from a place where I could tear around the hallways to my first part time job. I loved working there. It was an amazing place because I was surrounded by new directors and actors. Then I went off to George Brown Theatre school and spent 6 years working and living in Toronto. I had the luck of working with Sarah McVie on a show called Strange Mary Strange at Summerworks last year and we became good friends.
I was on tour in Saskatchewan when I got the e-mail from Lise Ann about the audition. I was totally pumped! I couldn’t believe I had the opportunity to work with Lise Ann on her final show and these amazing actors. I happened to be staying at my parents place when she gave me the call. Everyone was pretty excited about it.
And I couldn’t be happier. Lise Ann is one of the best directors I have worked with. I trust her so fully. I won`t speak for my fellow actors but the whole process has been wonderful. The lighting (Jock Munro) and sound (Marc Desormeaux) is beautiful and the show as a whole has a wonderful human quality that I think everyone can relate to and enjoy as it plays out in our tiny community centre studio designed by the lovely Robin Fisher. I hope to see you there!