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What’s Happening at The Hive?

Everyone has a different story of how they found their way to theatre, whether as a performer, writer, designer, or patron. Personally, my grandfather took me to Showboat in Toronto as a toddler, and a few years later, I was cast as a wise-cracking warthog in a certain Disney musical (nailed that role, obviously). Needless to say, I was bit by the theatre bug at a young age and haven’t looked back. Now that I find myself in a management role at a major regional theatre, I’ve started to think about how I can give back to the community. How can I introduce the next generation of performers, writers, designers, and patrons to the theatre for a little bug bite of their own? That’s exactly where the brainstorming started for our new youth-focused program The Hive at GCTC.


The Hive at GCTC is a unique program designed to introduce high school students to the inner workings of GCTC and the theatre community. Participants will attend five of our productions, in addition to being treated to dinner, a pre-show workshop, and a post-show discussion. Considered both a development program and a youth subscription, the goal of the program is to encourage the next generation of theatre goers and creators in our community. The group will be led by GCTC Assistant Artistic Director, Bronwyn Steinberg and GCTC Artist Liaison, Catherine Ballachey. For each session, they will invite a different designer, artist, or crew member to join the group and share a deeper insight into the productions and how GCTC works.


Interested participants can submit a Q&A form to artistliaison@gctc.ca. The form can be downloaded here. The group will meet on the following Wednesday evenings at 7pm in the Domicile Hall (main entrance of GCTC):

  1. Sept 28th (The Gravitational Pull of Bernice Trimble by Beth Graham)

  2. Nov 2nd (The Last Wife by Kate Hennig)
  3. Jan 18th (Trudeau Stories by Brooke Johnson)
  4. Feb 22nd (Les Passants by Luc Moquin)
  5. Apr 19th (1979 by Michael Healey)


There is a cost of $75 to participate in the program to cover tickets, food, and workshops. However, we do not want to discourage any interested individuals from attending. For information about bursaries for participants, please contact artistliasion@gctc.ca.