Prelude to the Next Prologue |

Prelude to the Next Prologue

Have you been to one of our Community Nights lately? (Also known as the second preview or the first Wednesday of each show) Well, you may have noticed something a little different going on. Perhaps a couple of microphones set up as you walked in the door? Or echoes of an interesting conversation bouncing off the walls? Well, that’s the GCTC Prologue, a new, engaging pre-show event that is free to the public and hosted by Sandra Abma! The next one is coming up on Wednesday, January 11th at 6:45pm, and I’d like to tell you a little bit about it.


First, what is Prologue? Inspired by the Belfry Theatre’s B4 Play series, we wanted to find a unique way for audience members to gain greater insight and access to our creative process. The Prologue series offers a closer look at each GCTC production, giving our audience the behind-the-scenes scoop on how our productions actually come together. So far, each Prologue has featured a unique panel of guests including artists, designers and experts who specialize in themes relating to the show. Our host, Sandra Abma, also turns the focus to audience members for the opportunity to ask questions and engage with artists.


For the first Prologue at the beginning of November, we had a fascinating group of panellists assembled to discuss Kate Hennig’s The Last Wife. Esther Jun, Director, and Mahalia Golnosh Tahririha, who played Bess, discussed their artistic process and entry into the world of the play. David Dean, history professor at Carleton University and expert on history in performance, along with Darrah Teitel, a local playwright and activist, discussed the themes of the play and what it meant to explore such historical figures as Katherine Parr and Henry VIII in our contemporary world.


The second Prologue at the end of November took a slightly different angle for The Daisy Theatre. We invited Jeremiah Bartram, a local artist and puppet enthusiast, along with Brendan Healy, the new Artistic Director of the Magnetic North Theatre Festival, to discuss the work of Ronnie Burkett and his role in Canadian theatre, as well as the art of puppetry and its roots in incendiary political movements and art. As an extra treat, Jeremiah also introduced us to a few of his own puppet creations!


For Trudeau Stories, we’re fortunate enough to sit down with creator and performer Brooke Johnson, along with Denise Chong, writer/playwright and former Senior Economic Adviser to Pierre Elliott Trudeau. Much like the show itself, we’ll be discussing the public and private lives of politicians, as well as the role of art in politics, and vice versa.


Come join us on Wednesday, January 11th at 6:45pm in the lower lobby. Admission and free, but seating is limited so come early! Can’t make it on Wednesday? We’ll also be streaming the conversation live on the GCTC Facebook page