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What a way to make a living

Wow, I never thought I’d be so excited to be working 9 to 5 in an office! In the years since I completed my MFA in directing, I have been working full-time as a freelance theatre artist (oh yeah, and part-time as a yoga teacher). So I’ve spent pretty much all my working hours either in a studio (for both rehearsals and yoga), or reading plays and writing grants on my laptop at home. And in libraries, and coffee shops, and parks, and… you get the idea.


To be honest, it’s a pretty great way to live. A bit tricky to pay the bills more often than not, but I have been doing what I love on my own terms. So, why am I so excited to finally have a “real job” with regular hours and my own desk in an office? Because it’s pretty much the best job I could imagine, and in an absolutely fantastic place! Thanks to the support of the Metcalf Foundation and GCTC, I have just started a full-time year-long internship in Artistic Direction.


For the next year, I will be working with Eric on all the things Artistic Directors do, from reading a giant list of plays, to planning season programming for next year -- all while shepherding this year’s season, including directing one of this season’s productions (I’ll be assistant directing on his show this year.) So yes, I still get to do what I normally do: read and rehearse plays, and I will still be involved with writing grants. I’ll even be teaching a bit of office yoga. But for a whole year, I’m not doing these things on my own. I’m in an incredibly supportive and creative environment, where I will get to develop and learn my creative practice, while gaining important producing and leadership skills. 


I am so grateful to GCTC and the Metcalf Foundation and thrilled to be starting on this journey, all from my very own desk.