The Jimiboys hit Ottawa! |

The Jimiboys hit Ottawa!

When me, and the three fellas that I do sketch comedy with, rented the small studio at GCTC, we had no idea what we were in-store for! Truth be told, I still don’t really have any idea. What I do know is that I’ve managed to sell-out every seat. The guys and I have put together a few really great videos and written some really fun sketches. We’re excited and a little nervous!


I started making videos with these guys back in 2006, in college and we kept up with it ever since, calling ourselves The Jimiboys (I think it was Jimi who chose that name). Everybody always asked me why I wasn’t doing any live comedy and I always told them my honest answer, which was that I had no interest in live performance. Then I moved to Ottawa, those guys stayed in Hamilton and without me there for guidance, they fell in with the wrong crowd—sketch comics. They did a couple shows without me and they were hooked. So, I embraced it and gave live comedy a try and now I’m hooked too. I guess making comedy videos is a gateway drug to doing live comedy. It certainly feels like a drug too. When it’s been awhile since the last show and the new show is approaching, I’m anxious and irritable, I’m short tempered with the other guys, and I’m a little nauseous. Then I get out on stage, get my first hit of laughter and calm washes over me. I get my fix and I have been satiated for the time being.


I don’t know what to expect from this show. It could go amazingly, maybe it’ll be a disaster, but either way, one thing is for sure: It doesn’t matter either way because my friends and co-workers are suckers and all bought tickets.