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Queen's students visit GCTC

Today we had the please of hosting some terrific students visiting from Queen's University. These students are part of the Artist-in-Community Education program at the Queen's Faculty of Education which focuses on arts and arts-based teaching. All the students have arts backgrounds, many at the professional level. The program aims to prepare students to be able to both teach in a classroom and to be able to be able to work in educational roles at arts agencies. As part of their yearly field trip, they made a stop at GCTC to get a behind-the-scenes look at what the theatre looks like and participate in a Q&A with some of our staff members. They're going to be returning later tonight to see the sold out Fly Me to the Moon with their teachers to complete the experience. If ever you've got a group of students interested in learning what it takes to run and work at a professional theatre (or just a genuinely cool place to work), think about bringing them to GCTC.