Mary Walsh ambushes Ottawa media |

Mary Walsh ambushes Ottawa media

Did you hear? Mary Walsh is coming to GCTC. Well the time has finally arrived and Mary Walsh/Marg Delahunty is actually HERE! She’s been on the GCTC stage and performed her show Dancing with Rage once already. So, it’s kind of a big deal.  Yesterday was the media call: a day where a scene is performed several times for media and interviews are given. Yesterday was a media call unlike most others though. Instead of preparing a scene Marg Delahunty actually ambushed the media like she’s done to so many other unfortunate politicians and Canadian figures. As you can see below, Sandra Abma from the CBC was directly in Marg’s sights. 

Sandra wasn't the only victim as Marg got in some biting remarks about The Ottawa Citizen during her tirade. 

Tickets for Dancing with Rage are extremely sparse, but keep checking this link regularly for more availability.