Gearing up for The Secret Mask |

Gearing up for The Secret Mask

September is an exciting time to be working at the Great Canadian Theatre Company right now. It's a month that's only six days old and has already seen the 1 year anniversary of our buddies at Urban Craft, and there's lots more to come! We've got the beginning of our 2012-13 season with the opening of The Secret Mask (a terrific, heartwarming show, with a great dose of humour). Our new Artistic Director, Eric Coates will be starting in September also. This is a pretty big deal since he'll be guiding the artistic vision of the company for the foreseeable future and everyone at GCTC will be working very closely with him. It's like welcoming a new member of our family and we're all pretty excited about it. We've also got some great events/activities planned for Taste of Wellington, Nuit Blanche, and Culture Days all to come in the remaining days of September. 

Make sure you stop by GCTC this month and have a look at the cool things we're up to. You won't be sorry.