Fly with Stones: RECAP |

Fly with Stones: RECAP

Yesterday we held an event called "Fly with Stones" in our lower lobby. There were a few reasons we decided to throw this party:

  • we wanted to celebrate the coming together of The Gladstone and GCTC for the first time.  
  • we wanted to celebrate the work of Marie Jones, whose two plays (Stones in His Pockets and Fly Me to the Moon) will be in Ottawa only a month apart.
  • we wanted to let people know about the great deal we're offering with The Gladstone. This deal costs $60 and gets you a voucher that gets you into both shows (available at both box offices). 
  • we wanted to hear some great Irish music.

  • we wanted to give you a teaser of both plays by offering a "script-off" (actors from each play do a scene from their play and then switch scenes with the other actors).

  • we also wanted to eat shepherd's pie and drink Guinness. 

The event was a great success as we had considerably more people there than we anticipated, everybody really enjoyed the script off, and people seemed quite happy with the deal and our collaboration with The Gladstone. We're very glad everyone could come out and enjoy our fun little Irish party.