Finally cross that person off your list! |

Finally cross that person off your list!

Oh shopping. We’ve all been there; a lot of us are there right now. You’ve got that person on your list that you’ve wracked your brain about and you still can’t find a gift for them. You’re days out from Christmas Day and all the standard gifts just won’t work: an LCBO gift card is too impersonal; you don’t know what restaurants they like; and they’ve already got plenty of socks. That elusive gift that can satisfy almost anyone is hard to find, but we’re pretty certain we’ve found it.

GCTC’s Holiday Cheer Package is packed with so much variety, it can suit any of those tricky people on your list. For just $99 (the lowest priced subscription you can get), you’ll get access to the last three shows of our 2016-17 season. Included in our last three plays is a one-woman show about one of our most famous Prime Ministers, our FIRST EVER French production (co-produced with Théâtre la Catapulte), and the return of playwright Michael Healey to GCTC (previously wrote Proud and Generous). And as an added bonus, you get a drink at the bar!

The Holiday Cheer Package (like the name implies) is only available for a limited time (December 22), during the holidays.  Our box office is even staying open longer than usual so that you can get in those last minute shopping treks. Go to, call our box office (613-236-5196), or stop in between 11am-5pm to get your Holiday Cheer Package and finally cross that person off your list!