Deals, deals and more deals! |

Deals, deals and more deals!

Now that our season is completely in full swing, we've started giving some thought to some additional things we can offer our patrons. After some lengthy discussion, we've come up with some great ways for our patrons to save money on shows throughout our season. The first of which you might have been privy to if you attended Urban Craft at the beginning of October. The first 500 attendees were given discounts of 20% off performances of Fly Me to the Moon in November. And there's still another Urban Craft coming up before Fly Me to the Moon gets into full swing, so maybe attendees will get something at that one too.....just maybe. 

Another great thing for our patrons (especially those that enjoy our previews) is that our first preview is now 2-for-1! If you want to go see Fly Me to the Moon, The Number 14, or any of our other shows this season, check out the previews. If you do, you can bring a friend for free! Not a bad deal, especially if you're already attending the previews. 

Lastly, I mentioned The Number 14 above. It's our big family show of the season, and we've decided to make things easier for families coming to see the show. Bring your family and one child 14 and under gets in absolutely FREE! Tickets for additional children are only $14 (plus a $3 facility fee). Not a bad way to spend a day with the family! 

Make sure to keep checking in with us throughout the year. We've got some other really cool deals that will be coming up.