The Boy in the Moon - First Read |

The Boy in the Moon - First Read

This morning we had our first read for our first play of the 2014-15 season, The Boy in the Moon. The “first read” traditionally signals the first day of rehearsals for a play in our studio theatre and commences with presentations by designers on how the show will look and feel, and then concludes with the cast reading the script from beginning to end. Because of the strong visual nature of this piece, the director, our very own Artistic Director Eric Coates, decided to change things up a bit. He invited the designers to talk about the particular challenges they felt when creating for this show. And instead of reading the entire script through, the actors read small pieces of the script in order to give an idea of what the show would feel like.

The way the first read was presented is just one of the ways this show is unorthodox and even more intriguing: this show was co-commissioned by both GCTC and The Belfry Theatre in Victoria, B.C.; the script has a long history of development supported by the Charles Dalfen Fund; and the story is told in a rather unconventional, fragmented way that you’ll have to wait to see.

I've personally been hearing about this show in one form or another since I started here over three years ago. At that point, the script was still in the early stages of development and The Charles Dalfen Fund was just geting started with fundraising for this show. It's been quite the journey to get to this point and I can tell you that, internally, this is one of the most anticipated shows among the GCTC staff in recent memory.